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Balloon Kenya (part two)


In her second blog post, student Natalie French (BA Social Work) talks about her work with entrepreneurs as part of a placement with Balloon Kenya.  Wow, what an amazing experience this has proven to be!   Throughout my six weeks in Kenya, I supported four entrepreneurs in the development of their existing businesses.  I worked as… Read More

Using Twitter for jobs


Twitter is more than just a means of telling the world what you’re doing:  it actually has great potential for networking and finding out about work experience and job opportunities. Step 1: Set up your Twitter profile Use your real name if possible – people who use their real name engender greater trust in readers.… Read More

Balloon Kenya (part one)


Natalie French spent six weeks in Kenya working with local businesses as part of an enterprise placement with Balloon Kenya during the summer before she entered her final year of her BA in Social Work.  She received support from the Careers Service to enable her to meet the costs of the placement.  Here she talks… Read More

How to succeed as a graduate entrepreneur


Faced with a decision about what to do after graduating the ‘sensible’ option may be applying for a graduate scheme, post-graduate study or maybe thinking about an internship to get some experience.  All potentially good options but what if you think the right move for you is to work for yourself? Recent research of 2000 undergraduates… Read More

What to expect at a careers appointment

careers appointment

Cast your mind back to the induction talks at the beginning of last semester.   Remember all those people queuing up to talk about the different services at the University?   No matter which subject you’re studying, one of those people was probably a careers adviser, encouraging you to come and visit the Careers and Employability Service.… Read More