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Five Unusual Career Opportunities

Think you know about the jobs you can do when you finish university?  Well, you may not have thought about these…

Chocolate Taster

Picture courtesy of The Guardian

Fancy tasting chocolate all day? Cat Channon does just that at Cadbury – she is one of 50 official chocolate testers at the company.  She works in research and development, using her Chemistry degree to make sure new chocolate creations are not impaired by their taste or texture and conform to the company’s requirements.  It’s not all scientific though – at least 10-20% of her time is spent eating chocolate.   Nice work if you can get it!


Chicken Sexer


Does a salary of £40,000 a year sound good to you?  Have you ever thought about becoming a professional chicken sexer?   Chicks need to be sorted by sex so that the females can be used for egg laying and the males for meat.  A chicken sexer will examine around 1.5 million chicks a year.  Despite the impressive starting salary and training opportunities, there is a distinct shortage of recruits in the UK, possibly due to the less than glamorous nature of the job.  As Andrew Large from the British Poultry Council succinctly put it: ‘You are spending hours every day staring at the backside of a chick. That is not seen as being attractive.’


Lego Master Builder

iron man lego

If you used to (or still) love playing with Lego, how about getting paid to do it?  Over 30 full time Lego builders plan and build a range of models in Lego’s only building company, Bright Bricks.  Past models have included: miniature skyscrapers, family portraits, a sleigh and eight reindeers (complete with Rudolph’s glowing nose) and a working scale model of a Rolls Royce engine.  They’re currently working on a Titanic model and have a stock of up to 12 million Lego bricks in their warehouse!  Someone is even employed to re-sort any Lego pieces that fall on the floor.


Rollercoaster Designer


If you love rollercoasters, John Wardley’s job could be for you.  He designed many of the roller coasters in UK theme parks, including Nemesis, Oblivion and Air at Alton Towers, and various others at theme parks across the world.  John started out in the theatre, worked on films doing special effects, then moved to Madame Tussauds doing animatronics.  His first roller coaster project was turning Chessington Zoo into a theme park (now Chessington World of Adventures) and his career grew from there.

There are also the jobs that are mind numbingly boring, like watching paint dry.  Oh, wait, that’s a job too!


Watching paint dry (Research Scientist)

paint dry

A research scientist at Dulux studies paint drying under a microscope to check the quality of the paint, how quickly it dries and its durability.  Who knew this was actually a job?!


By Amy Blenkiron, Careers Adviser



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